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      I'll Stay Me

      I'll Stay Me

      Luke Bryan

      Album: I'll Stay Me

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      Luke Bryan - I'll Stay Me Música y Letra

      [Verse 1]
      T-shirt, blue jeans don't like much on TV
      Caviar and a Triscut ain't no redeye gravy on a biscut.
      My deep Southern drawl makes the conversation crawl
      You're gonna have to hang around long enough to hear me out.
      Some folks aren't happy like they are.
      Some wanna take things just a little too far.
      [Chorus 1]
      Singers wanna be Hollywood actors
      And millionaires wanna ride old farm tractors
      I am just what I am, I'm just what you see.
      So I'll make it easy, I'll stay me.
      [Verse 2]
      My granny and pawpaw still missing Hee Haw
      I love my little town where the people don't let you down
      There's a girl down the street got a kiss just waitin on me
      Hot dog sweet potato fries when I go over tonight.
      She knows exactly who I am
      A soft touchin' her love loving, hard working man.
      [Chorus 2]
      Quarterbacks wanna play lead guitar
      And supermodels want smaller body parts
      Change is good sometimes, but I still believe
      I'm gonna make it easy, I'll stay me.
      I'll stay me, I'm gonna make it easy, I'll stay me.

      Luke Bryan - I'll Stay Me Música y Letra



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