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      Oh Nelly

      Oh Nelly


      Album: Nellyville

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      Nelly - Oh Nelly Música y Letra

      they said a country boy, came through and then - changed the game
      if you what you got ain't hot then - check your flame
      if what you spittin ain't hittin then - check your aim
      your record sales start to slip and then - nelly to blame
      now who you know come through first time on the scene
      no set-ups, no guest appearances in between
      ride like a nigga drinkin gasoline
      i keep it hot, like my dirty down in new orleans
      the rams won the superbowl, bought myself a ring
      whether you sparkle or you bling, don't matter same thing
      thug drinkin mo', but don the king
      i'm gettin pissy, with tissy, missy and irene
      real close friends that like to try things
      me and my dirties we like to buy things
      fuck around and give me a license to fly things
      look up in the sky and have a nelly sighting, like
      [chorus: repeat 2x]
      skurrrrt, oh! (gon' break it down)
      oh nelly! (gon' change that game around)
      and i bet (y'all really gon' hate him now)
      why don't you come ride with me? oooh-wee!
      first name nelly, last name nel
      first letter c, last letter l
      six hundred fly by, what the hell?
      v-12 full detail, sittin on sprewell's
      who in? can't tell, too much tint
      but why the radio so loud? too much spent
      never be a bush man, too bill clint'
      both country boys, and if the head right, e.i.
      head for my residency, lovin my presidency
      i do it like you never did see
      shady to them niggaz that's shadin me
      givin back to the ones that gave to me
      bought a caddy for the man that created me (who?)
      my daddy, call him big nelly (ooh!)
      pimp juice flowin through that bloodline cuz
      huh, see what it does? yeah, you feel the buzz, like
      one mo' time! n, e, dash l-l-y
      if you didn't like me then, gon' hate me now
      me and murph' fogged out in the buggy i
      with the, suction doors, two bad-ass whores
      holla at yo, cause i need that custom made
      waves, fresh fade, brand new band-aid
      skurrrt, them boys ain't playin around
      unless it's in to watch shorty (?) face hopscotch
      never tic-tac-toe, there's too many of those
      i need a rocky dennis face - uhh, knowhatimean?
      then i'm good to roll; hey, out of control
      new motto - never fuck the same hoe!
      tryin to catch bilt, four 'more to go
      from the bed to the flo', jackrabbit too pro
      knock 'em out, wake baby girl to let her know
      yo - you can't even stay here tonight, f'real, i'm sorry
      [nelly - still talking over chorus]
      y'know, cuz, my security they gon' be knockin on the door in a minute
      and, if you ain't out ma it's, it's it's gon' be violence
      um, yeah, f'sure, nothin personal, fo'sho'
      uh uh, uh, you come ride with me
      uh, uh uh, uh you come ride with me
      skurrrrrt! uh uh, uh, uh you come ride with me
      uh uh, uh, uh, uh uh
      [chorus] - 1/2x

      Nelly - Oh Nelly Música y Letra



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