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      Stop time tonight

      Stop time tonight

      Ricky Martin

      Album: Life

      I want to hide, in your eyes
      Hold you tight, and wrap this night around me
      I want to feel, to feel you breathe
      To be, to be where you are, where you are?
      To hold you while you're sleeping
      To be there while you're dreaming
      I wish that we could stop time tonight
      Stay in this moment forever
      I wish that we could live in this kiss
      And stay just like this
      Together, together.
      I want to lay here with you
      Kiss you slow and hold you close forever
      I want to reach, and feel you near, right here
      Right here in my arms, in my arms
      To hold you while you're sleeping
      To be lost in this feeling
      I just want to stay with you, for always, always
      I don't want this night
      To hold you while you're dreaming
      (chorus: 2x)
      Stop time tonight
      Stay just like this baby
      Together, together
      Stop time, tonight...



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