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      I Need War ft. Young Thug

      I Need War ft. Young Thug


      Album: Single

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      T.I. - I Need War ft. Young Thug Música y Letra

      [Intro: Young Thug]
      T.I.P & Young Thugga nigga
      Yeah you know T.I. a Thugga nigga
      Ain’t nothing changed but the bezels and the rings
      Watches and the chains
      [Verse 1: T.I]
      Yo future my past
      I shoot you ho ass
      Just like a bitch I will do yo ho ass
      My Mac-10 is intergalactic what crackin'
      You looking for action I'll Pluto your ass
      Lookin' fo' some trouble what it do nigga
      I'on' really need but a few of them
      And for the most part I’m a cool nigga
      But I’ll stuff a mud hole into you nigga
      Check it
      The ho shit you kick I am not with it
      You pull it on them I’ma mind my business
      Butcha come in my yard disregard my gangsta
      Well I aim that banger
      Nigga find out then I put his ass in a box on timeout
      For the wrong thought, blow a nigga mind out
      You was talking all that shit now whatchu crying about
      When it go down, I’m the wrong one to rhyme about nigga
      Say you did what? Whatchu lying about nigga
      I’m a front street nigga you a wannabe nigga
      Everybody know you don’t want none of me nigga
      Armageddon for you what it gonna be nigga, hey
      All I gotta do is make my plan
      All the motherfucking games I don’t play my man
      If I slap his ass now in the mouth
      Bet next time I see 'im pussy nigga try to shake my hand
      [Hook: Young Thug]
      Pull-up shootin' out the Avalanche
      Every since I counted blue cheese
      I ain’t liking ranch
      I done sold a hundred thousand bales of midget like I got a plant
      Let me see your hands
      If you feel like you the man
      I want war nigga
      (Pull-up, Pull-up, Pull-up)
      I need war nigga
      Shoot I need some war
      I swear to, I need some war
      [Verse 2: Young Thug]
      Pull-up in a car
      Two hundred stars
      (What you shooting nigga?)
      AK, no handgun
      Goddamn Goddamn
      Pullin' up in the Lamb'
      Clap that bitch and go ham
      Damn, pull-up to the spot
      Shoot a nigga man , damn
      Catch a nigga down be' rob em for they yam
      Catch me on the block Young Thug got grams
      Nig got K’s on K’s, on shooters
      [Hook: Young Thug]
      [Outro: T.I]
      I swear to fucking god man
      Hey man, I’m ready
      Hey look man, I’m ready to cash out
      Hey man, nigga, diamonds to dog shit
      Nigga, you don’t get rich, nigga, next three years
      Nigga, I swear to God, nigga
      You show me a ten-million dollar tax return
      I’ll give you ten million dollars
      Three years man! Bitch ass

      T.I. - I Need War ft. Young Thug Música y Letra




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